Milton Georgia Trees Keep Coming Down

Milton Georgia Trees Keep Coming Down

Old Oak Tree In GA

Milton Georgia Trees

Yes there is New Construction in Milton GA! From Gated Estate Homes built by custom builders to communities by Ashton Woods and KM Homes. That is the good news. The bad news is down come the trees. So sad. I am actually a big tree lover. Funny how when we have so much flooding in this area over small bridges etc, everyone just scratches there heads and ask why. Why? All the tear down of trees and the run off of water where roots used to be and soak up the excess water from rain down pours.

More than new construction, what hurts the area of Alpharetta and Milton more, in my opinion, is home owners moving into an existing community full of hard woods and then chopping them all down like they were toothpicks. I have seen it in my own neighborhood and find it really sad when I hear yet another saw taking these mature trees down. I really think that companies that take these trees down should have to go through the City of Milton to get a permit. Tree lose would be examined and possibly saved a bit if Milton could see the damage before it is too late. Fines really do not replace a 100 yr old tree.

What are your thoughts?